{ things that make me happy }

I was tickled pink when I received a message from Joni over at Six Cherries On Top telling me that she had an award for me.


I am so flattered that she thought this little ol' blog was deserving of this:

Isn't it sad when a simple little picture makes your day?
It did mine.

So here's the rules for accepting this award . . .

1. Copy and Paste the award on your blog.
2. Tell who gave you the award and link to that person's blog.
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know about the award.

Easy, right? So here I go.

10 Things That Make Me Happy.

{ 1 } Rascall Flatts.
{ 2 } My kids being polite and respectful without me even telling them to be - a.k.a. proud Mommy Moment.
{ 3 } Cadburry Mini Eggs.
{ 4 } Texas Sheet Cake.
{ 5 } Horse back riding.
{ 6 } Singing when no one's watching.
{ 7 } Open windows.
{ 8 } Meadowlarks.
{ 9 } The color Green.
{ 10 } My religion.

The Pickings.

{stop giggling - you knew I would}

Oh, there are so many more blogs I could mention, but I have decided to put a limit on my computer time, and well, it is *that* time. Plus I need to take care of the putrid smell that is coming from the overflowing dishes in my kitchen sink...



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Sarah loves it all said...

Aaah! I'm so thrilled! Thank you Thank you! I'm so glad I found your blogging self. It looks like we're gonna get along just fine. :)

Camryn said...

ThAnKs!! WahOO!

Emmy said...

Thanks for the award!

And I LOVE the way you did you ten things, so creative and clever.

famr_4evr said...

Wow!! Thank you so much! I love how you did your ten things. I don't have the creativity you do, or time. List is a fast and easy way to go. Thanks again!

Kurt+Amy said...

YAY!! So excited to have a new award! Thanks so much girly! Love your ten things, and your "secret stash" of cadbury eggs. lol. I have my own stash of extra easter candy too. I LOVE cadbury eggs....mmmm! I forgot about those this year, the trip to the store was rushed. I may just have to go get one today with all this take of cadbury. ;)

Kingston girl said...

I loved your idea for the 10 things. I am so hoping my blog will become one as great as yours. PLease follow me. I need some followers! :) Thanks for letting us peak into your life. :)

Mayra, mommy to Pooh Bear said...


I love your desing and blog name. =)

What a cute collage.

-Found you through another blogger.

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