{ muffins with mom }

I went over to my son's school yesterday for a little party celebrating moms.
I love his school.

I walked down the hall to his classroom, and was greeted halfway there by my sweet boy who had a beautiful handmade drinking-straw-and-cut-out-paper-flowers necklace in hand.
I wore it proudly. ;)
He grabbed my hand and led me into the classroom and ushered me to his chair, pulling it out for me.
I beamed.

He then sat on my lap as we waited for the other mothers to arrive.
My leg got sore.

We decided to walk around the classroom, so he could show me all of his projects.
I praised his good work.

He showed me his name on the birthday calendar.
'Cuz I forgot when it was.

We then sat down for instructions.
Sore leg again.

The students, by table, went up and grabbed muffins and a drink for them and their mothers.
I decided to make the healthier choice and NOT choose chocolate.

Then he cleared up my plate, napkin and water bottle and put it in the trash.
I didn't even ask.

They went to the front and recited a cute little poem.
I don't remember the words.
I was too busy smiling.

Then the teacher read a book titled "What Moms Can't Do".
I laughed.

We then had the option to check our kiddos out of school for the day.
I did.

When we got home, I read the cute booklet my son created honoring me.
Let's examine:
{My scanner isn't working so I had to take pics. With my phone. Cuz the battery died in my camera. One of those days.}

The Perfect Cover.
The wind blowing through my hair and kite. Grass blowing gently as I levitate above it.
Hidden Meaning: My son thinks of me as his 'Highness' and there is no wind that can blow me down. I am an anchor. A.k.a solid. A.k.a. muscular.

My stats.
I'm glad my son thinks of me as VERY tall and VERY skinny. I'm sending this in to my doctor's office, to replace my records there.
Hidden Meaning: I am in fact, very nice, slender {snort}, and it's not that my eyes are pytuful {read: pitiful}, it's just that I am always showing pity on those around me. Through my eyes. Cuz they are the windows to the soul.
My hair is a cross between brown and amber, therefore the answer really is that my hair is braown.
Pizza is not my favorite, but since I take pity on my children {with my eyes - Mr. Smith included} I buy them pizza.
My favorite color is green, but he wrote blue because.... well, that's how we spell green at our house. B-L-U-E. Green.

My Favorites.
Let's clear this up super quick.
Hidden Meaning: I love to bribe my kids. My favorite food to bribe them with is ice-cream. Since bribing is so loved by me, so is the ice-cream I bribe them with.
I love the computer. This is the problem. So through a deep and profound drawing he is saying that I don't like that I'm in love with my computer.
A lot.
This is a lovely portrait of me and him.
Hidden Meaning: Even though it should be a picture of me doing laundry, dishes, picking up, scrubbing toilets, etc., he is simply stating that I spend most of my time wishing that I was spending it with him. This boy is pretty deep.

What I daydream about.
Hidden Meaning: He is the center of my world. I just need to point out that he just forgot to draw his sister, daddy, Mathew McConaughey and a lovely southern plantation home by a little beach cove with mountains all around.
They just don't give these kids enough time in class to draw I guess...

This is a picture of a bunk bed.
Cuz that's what I would wish for if I had just ONE wish.
Hidden Meaning: My son wished for a bunk bed. And he got one. He was super happy. A bunk bed made him happy. I don't have one. He wants me to be happy. So naturally I would wish for a bunk bed. To find happiness.
Isn't that what all of us would wish for?
To be happy?

Besides. I noticed it's made of gold.
That's why he drew me jumping up and down for joy.
Three eyes, pant-less and all.

Here's to 'reading into' our kids work!


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Anonymous said...

So cute! And I didn't notice one mean mom episode in any part of his book. How did you luck out?

Cheeseboy said...

There is nothing like seeing a mother beam when they visit my classroom. Believe it or not, these days are almost as fun for the teachers.

This is a great post. You seem like a terrific mom.

Jackie said...

OH! I love this! What a sweet mom you are! Your son is darling!

I found you over at MMB and subscribed!

Joni said...

I have an award for you on my blog! Come and get it! :)


Jess said...

So precious. I love it when my kids make me booklets like this one. Its so sweet to see myself through their loving eyes.

Kurt+Amy said...

You're boy is very deep. ;)
LOVED the interpretation of the pictures and their hidden meanings. Bunkbeds made of gold...who woulda thunk it?? CUTE booklet, sounds like you've raised your boy right to me! :)

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