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Go grab a tissue and hug your kiddos tight. Camryn has written a post that puts everything into perspective. Yes, we like to laugh at our kids. Yes we like to find humor in the crazy atmosphere that is our homes. But sometimes we need to take a minute and regroup.

She titled her post

Why people can hurt innocent children is BEYOND me.

Read her heartfelt and beautiful post. Raw emotions and everything. And yet, she was still able to add a dash of chuckle. She's one of my favorite.

For those who don't know, Camryn is my cousin. She is the reason I started this blog. Before I upgraded to a computer built in this century, we wrote together on her blog. But my computer was messing things up, so I branched off.

But we are still the Mean Mommy Team, hence, Camryn's Corner comes to you every Monday.

Hope you all have a spectacular Monday filled with snuggles, stories and kissing tag!


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Jess said...

It really was a beautiful post!

Jackie said...

That story breaks my heart. So sad.

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