{ the multi - tasking office supply }

I have the same sized hands as one of my 9 year old students.
So when it comes to handular {new word - emailing Webster right now} strength, or any strength for that matter, well... I'm kinda lacking in that department.

I would like to introduce you to my Nemesis:
No, I'm not talking about delicious apricot preserves.
I'm talking about
Screw Top Lids.

I hate them.
Especially those that involve anything sticky or juicy.

I know a few tricks to getting them open.
Hit the rim with a butter knife,
run it under hot water,
but there is another way that I just read about.

I feel really stupid for not thinking of this earlier.

The Rubber Band.
By slipping one of these bad boys around a lid, it acts as a gripper and voila!
Apparently, lots of people have already heard of this.

Hi, my name is Jordan and I was sheltered all my life.

So I began "researching" other uses for this rubber band.
{I like to say "researching" 'cuz it sounds way more intelligent than "googling"}
{so does using the phrase "way more"}

And I need to add a warning.
This post has nothing to do with funny or being a mom.
I'm just lacking in material this week, so bear with me as I ramble about my discovery.

Here's a few research morsels that popped out at me:

Gauging liquids.
Placing a rubber band around a paint can or any other solid color container will let you know at a glance how much is left without opening it.

Wiping your paint brush.
Extend the band across the opening of a paint can.

A bookmark.
Wrap it around the page and closest cover.

Wearing those skinny jeans.
We all know this 'pre-maternity clothes' trick.
Or 'pre-getting-back-into-regular-clothes' trick.

Keeping thread from tangling.
Or any other cord-like material.

Use different colors for identification.
3 root beer cans? Grab 3 different colored rubber bands to tell who's is who's.

Anchor the cutting board.
Place a large one around the sides to prevent slipping.
Use this on remotes too.

Stop candle drips.
Wrap around the base of a candle to stop drips from reaching the surface.

Keep apples fresh.
After slicing an apple, reassemble the wedges so it looks intact again, then wrap a disinfected band around it to keep it from browning.

Keeping wallet from slipping.
...out of your pocket by accident or by thief.

Shower grip.
Keep bottles of shampoo or your razor from slipping out of your hands.

Chinese jumprope.
Remember that?

Label maker.
Slap a band around a jar and write the contents on it with a permanent marker.

Pencil eraser.
Wad and wipe.

Koosh ball.
Wrap a large rubber band around a wad of smaller ones. Cut through the loops of the smaller ones.


Peg board art.

Keeping garbage liners from slipping.

And the list goes on!

Here are the links - check them out for more ideas:

I feel really bad now for throwing out a bunch of them when I was dejunking.

Now you may think, I don't want my house to look trashy, but there are ways to make them look trendy. Use different colors, or just make your own designs on the tan ones. For black remotes, color the band completely black so no one can tell {perhaps clear nail polish would keep it from transferring to/rubbing off on your hands?}. Or customize your very own here. How many awesome uses could one come up with, if you had options like these:

There's something about office supplies that makes me swoon....


Happy Banding!


ps.thanks for making it through this random ramble.

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Sarah loves it all said...

Does it make me a big fat weirdo that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post about rubber bands?? I suddenly want to go get one and see if I can remember the Chinese Jumprope steps! Ha ha. Jordan you're the best.

Kayli Sue said...

I love making rubber band balls. It's oddly theraputic. I'm not going for any world records or anything, it's just fun! I know... weird!

Amber Lynae said...

I didn't realize how useful rubberbands were. Do you think we can use rubberbands to hold back the hands of time and add a few hours to my day?

iamwoman said...

Who knew? love it:)

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