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There is a reason why I call my husband every now and then as he is driving home from work.

Sometimes it's to say "I miss you", or "You almost home", or "You'll never believe what I just found out", or "You get to be the Mommy when you get here- I'm done for the day". But mostly it's to say: "Can you grab some milk on the way home?"

Because I don't want anything like what happened in Camryn's story to happen to me.
{Her brave husband took two of her kids to the store. All By Himself.}

Me and my kids sit safely within the confines of our walls, while Mr. Smith grabs the necessities on his way home.

Prevention is Key.
And old Ben Franklin said it best, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

I don't know if that cure would be for me, or my kids when they see Mommy Monster break through and rear her ugly head....

{Yes, I purchased the Mommy Monster package complete with full moon and fog machine. And because I called within 10 minutes of seeing the infomercial, I got one payment slashed, free shipping and handling AND a free keychain as a thank you gift. Plus I am now on the email-me-other-offers-and-clog-up-my-inbox mailing list! Score!!}

And now, I must be getting back to my Summer. Swim lessons every day, moving furniture who knows where so we can get our tile completely replaced, and then cleaning up the hidden 'treasures' found while moving said furniture. Perhaps I can throw a slushie run in there sometime...

Happy Monday!!


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Jess said...

I think every mother out there when moving furniture finds tons of missing...uh... "treasures".

There is nothing more fun for a kid than retrieving every Happy meal toy they ever received just by moving cushions on the couch. :)

Enjoy your busy summer.

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