{ my computer was in time-out }

Dearest friends in Blogland:
I have missed you.

For the past almost 2 weeks, my computer {along with all the other furniture in my house} has been crammed into bedrooms and the like so that we could replace our tile.
Moving said items made me feel like I was in a real-life version of Tetris.

Because of miscommunication, it took awhile to get people out here to fix it, and the process itself took almost a week.
Which meant Subway, Cafe Rio, McDonalds, Rubio's, Carls Jr., and Wendy's for awhile.
Which sucked because I am in a competition where I cannot eat fast food. Or I have to make very GOOD choices.
Fries smell good.
Especially when you can't have them.

I ate my salads and sandwiches.
They were tasty.
{A Positive Psychological Affirmation/Reinforcement Statement.}

But enough about my eating habits for the past 2 weeks.
{Oh, did I mention I would sneak under the plastic every morning to cook me a bowl of oatmeal? I didn't? Then you must know that I was very sneaky and talented as I made my way over the tile by jumping onto the counter from the stairs, climbing/crawling over to the microwave/bowl/oatmeal area, sliding under the plastic, and sitting there like a 5 year old in a fort as my instant Great Value Maple Cinnamon and Sugar Oatmeal cooked. No, I will not visually or cinematically document this statement.}

Moving on.

But dear readers, I must end this week's post here.
After wiping off the lovely film of tile dust that has seemed to creep over everything, despite all the plastic we had hanging up everywhere, I now have the great privilege of putting everything


But my house is now deep cleaned {smelling citrus-y fresh, I might add}, and a new furniture arrangement is in order, so things aren't quite so bad....

Plus we now have tile that isn't shattering or moving with every step we take.
And that my friends, is priceless.

And to those who are thinking of installing tile yourselves, please pay close attention:
When installing your cement backerboard, use SCREWS not NAILS.
Otherwise the floor will flex, making the grout crumble and tile move and crack.
ALSO, remember to use enough thin set so that the tiles you just laid don't pop out with just the use of one's hands.
{Yes, the previous tile layer was a professional, but when our landlord went to contact him to fix his mistakes, he was nowhere to be found. But this time a real-live company installed it. And it looks beautiful.}

Okay, enough rambling...

Happy Father's Day Weekend!!!!


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Amber Lynae said...

Sorry about the craziness you have had to endure. At least things are on the road to normal again.

Kelley said...

Now this would be hard for me because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TETRIS! I might try to sabotage the ending of the project just so I could keep arranging the tiles just right...before...I...DIE!! Ahhh!!! Actually, if it were REALLY like Tetris, your project would get done in a hurry. You know how Tetris gets faster...and...faster..and faster and fasterandfasterandfaster at the end? I'm sorry. It's verrrrry early in the morning. My 2 y/o woke me up and now I am UP, but apparently need to go back to sleep...

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