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"Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say let your affairs be as two or three, and not a half hundred or a thousand."
| Henry David Thoreau |

I'm not really that old. At least that's what I'm telling myself. My brain seems to think otherwise.

Each year, I find it harder and harder to remember things. Perhaps it's the surplus of responsibilities that seem to pile upon me as my Little Family grows up. Perhaps it's the lack of daily intellectual conversations {talking to myself doesn't count either- just makes me look even more crazy and brainless}.

Whatever the reason(s) may be, the fact still remains: I have the memory of an Atlantic Cod.

Which is why it was no surprise that I missed the Birthday Party bandwagon for my son this year. I kept telling myself I had plenty of time to plan one. Plenty of time.

His birthday is Today. My Little Boy is turned eight. And I almost failed miserably as an awesome mother.

But who says he has to know that?

I was reading an article at the beginning of the week {as I was frantically trying to decide what to do in regards to keeping my son from becoming aware of how Super Lame his mom was}, and it struck a chord. A chord of the purest and most inspired nature that the choirs of angels held a moment of silence as they listened to the immaculacy of the moment.

In the Wallet Pop article, 9 Ways We Waste Money, Vicky Passmore writes about the biggest money wasters of 2010. As I read through it, I was nodding my head in agreement but stopped abruptly at number 8. Children's Birthday Parties.
"We too mourn the loss of the home birthday party-the one with a homemade cake, some backyard games and no flashy goodie bags. Flash forward to the present, when a two-hour party for 10 kids at the local "bounce house" will cost you $200 (before cake and parting-gifts), and you know it's time to put on the brakes. We say: Go old school. This is especially true with the under-8-set, who enjoy pretty much anything that involves sugar and running around with their pals."
That last sentence opened my eyes to a beautifully immaculate plan. I don't need to spend any money. Which by the way, my wallet greatly approves of. I sent out an email to some of the moms in the area and told them about a Birthday Playdate {not party} at the park on Friday {yesterday}. No presents allowed, no decorations {I did decorate the house with streamers and balloons- I'm not THAT cheap *wink*}, just a birthday cake from Basha's {free with coupon!}, some lemon water and a huge playground to run around on.

And you know what?

It was a HUGE success! I didn't need to rent a clown, or an inflatable bounce house thingy, or buy a bunch of themed decor and goodies, not that I don't LOVE or adore a good themed party, but we forget that children are simple. They are amused by simple things, they beam from head to toe with a simple praise, they overcome fears with a simple bedtime story and song, and they give out simple, flawless, perfect love.

Love that doesn't require a Chuck-E-Cheese-esque birthday party to be given.

Here's to keeping our lives simple and weeding out the unnecessary 'Stuff'


Ps- This post was about just a friend celebration on the day before his birthday. My son did open presents from family today, had a massive birthday breakfast, and we are headed to the drive-in tonight as a family- pizza and ice-cream included. Just incase some where concerned... ;)

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Kayli Sue said...

Pure genius! I will definitely remember this for.next year! Love your blog!

Lisa said...

Hi! I just found you and was drawn in like a moth to a flame by the "mean mom" descriptive. I am one. And I excel. No really. FIRST PRIZE every day. :)

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