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I've been slacking on plugging Camryn's posts over at mmu, which is totally not a good thing because she has some Exciting News!!! Read her post from last week, and then come back.


Okay, I told you! Awesome, huh?

Now, read her insanely hilarious post she wrote yesterday. You will laugh at the cluelessness of her hubby and children. I heart that Mr. Of The Camryn and her offspring.... *wipe tear*

And now, I'm off to finish the last of my Christmas preparations, and do something about the Christmas decorations boxes strewn all over my house.

Seriously. It looks like a North Pole Tornado hit my house... and then threw up.

It kinda takes away from the Christmas Cheer...


Have a Great Rest of the Week!


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iamwoman said...

That was HYSTERICAL. Thanks for sharing!

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