{ it's a christmas miracle }

So it's December 9th. And what have I done?

Christmas packages: shipped
Christmas cards: in the mail box
Neighbor gifts: made, 1/2 delivered
Teacher gifts: signed, sealed and delivered
Christmas Eve Dinner: pre-made and in the freezer
Christmas Decor: up
Boxes housing Christmas Decor: back. in. the. garage.
{This is seriously monumental. Simply unheard of this early in the month}
Christmas shopping: done
Christmas presents: still not all wrapped, but hey-- no one's perfect, right? ;)

Ladies and Gents. It is only the 9th. And I am just about ready for Christmas.

*dreamy sigh*

My house, however, is a disaster.

*non-dreamy sigh + head shake*

Laundry coming out my ears {no clean socks, on the last of the towels, etc.}, toilets that have been neglected much longer than is sanitarily permitted, places on my floor that act as a sticky trap for unsuspecting passerby-ers, and carpets that could act as a halfway house for small critters {complete with cracker crumbs and paper bedding}. But I am off to tackle this massive disaster zone! Feel free to send in recruits like this if you don't hear from me soon:

have a fantastically festive weekend!

I know I will--we're going to see Brian Regan on Saturday! *squeal!*


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Joni said...

yummy! I think I could spend the last of my holiday budget tipping these helpers.

Kelly said...

um, you know why growing up I always found girls drooling over firemen extremely disturbing. But way to go on the Christmas prep!

Ashley Sisk said...

I think you're ahead of me though. I haven't bought much of anything because my gifts are cash this year. Makes my tree look so sad!

Kathy said...

Wow! Now that totally caught me off guard! Thanks for sharing lol

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