{ reality check : resolution #4}

As I scroll down my google reader, I find myself feeling a tad bit guilty. It seems like some women can do it all.

  • Perfect Homes.
  • Perfect Children.
  • Adoring Husbands.
  • Gourmet Chef Abilities.
  • Amazing Design Capabilities.
  • Etc.

My life is not so glamourous.

  • There is always some mess somewhere in my home.
  • There is always some point of the day where I am scolding my children.
  • Okay, make that multiple points in the day.
  • I'm still trying to train The Mister.
  • We've been married almost 9 years.
  • It's slow going...
  • My main specialty is Spaghetti.
  • Not that I can't cook more than that, I just don't have the time since I teach until 6pm.
  • My home does NOT look like a magazine page from Pottery Barn.
  • Etc.

But you know what?

I'm learning that it's OK. It's alright if I don't have a perfect home. It's fine if I can't keep up with the Jones'. As long as I'm doing MY best.

This weekend my house was a disaster. And I should have cleaned it. But instead I took my daughter to Ross, then to Jamba Juice, and then back home to watch a movie and paint our nails while the boys were at the Supercross. Some may say that my priorities where a little messed up, but I didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to have a fun girls night out with my little girl. And that was more important to me at the time than clean toilets. {Which are clean now, just incase you were wondering.} ;)

I may not be Superwoman, but I can still love my life.

Dirty dishes and all...

I've learned that some women CAN do it all. I just happen to NOT be one of them. And that's just me being realistic. And I'm learning to be ok with it- to be ok with imperfection.

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Rachy said...

I totally think time with your little ones are way more important than a clean house. You're doing great!

Please Do Not Feed The Animals. said...

I struggle with the balance - how much to actually get on with housework and how much to ignore it and play with the kids. I'm so glad you took the opportunity to spend quality time with your daughter - I don't think anyone in the world would argue that you had your priorities wrong there!

Adriana Iris said...

Is all an illusion... Believe me they are not that perfect...LOL
Nothing is perfect but everything is precious...
Play and have fun... Your blog is lovely...

iamwoman said...

Your priorities are right on and I think we have our minds mixed up to think that the clean house comes before spending time with our kiddos. Blogs are a perfect PERCEPTION (not reality) of life, so no need to feel inadequate.

PS..What's a clean toilet?

Liz said...

Oh my gosh, do I hear you. I had a major not-feeling-like-Superwoman day today. I hate that. But you're right, we do what we can and that's that. It'll be enough. :-)

Jennifer said...

I hear what you are saying!! Some days I feel like Superwoman (when I get a ton done) then more often than not I'm not!! But that is ok with me, because I LOVE spending time with my kiddos & Hubby!!

Have a Fabulous day all you SUPERWOMAN OR NOT - We are ALL LOVED & NEEDED!!!!!

Keri said...

1. The housework can always wait for fun.
2. If monkeys can be trained to use a computer, husbands can be trained to do the laundry.
3. You are awesome just the way you are! You have a new reader in me.

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