{ finding the funny everyday }

This one is a tough one. Not that I don't find things hilarious, or have a cheerful attitude towards life in general, but that I find myself stressing and freaking out about things way.too.often.

Water off a ducks back.

I need to apply this cliche pronto.

But how does one find the funny when life is tough- being burdened with the stress of home, family, and trials that keep coming faster than Wile E. Coyote's homemade jet pack?

Take a Mommy Time-Out.
And find something to laugh at.
It's Therapeutic.

Finding the humor in everyday life isn't something that can happen overnight. And people aren't just born with it. Granted, there are people who are blessed with amazing senses of humor, but even they, too, have rough days. {Which are TOTALLY ok} This year, I want to be Happier. And it isn't something that I can rely on others for. It's something that has to happen from the inside.

Like every worthwhile thing in life, I will have to work at it. Teach myself. Strengthen that part of my brain to become so strong that it overpowers the stressing lobe. {I'm quite certain that all mommy's have a stressing lobe, even though it isn't proven scientifically.}

I'm going to go out and search for Funny. I will start a Humor Diary- to write down or archive everything that makes me laugh. After awhile, I won't have to search, I will just see it naturally.

So that is my goal this year: to simply Laugh. I don't want to stress over the poop smears in the bathroom anymore. I want to just be able to clean it up, and then laugh at it. Which reminds me of this:

Yes, I have this archived. Because it's funny. And so is this:

{This my friends, is Brian Regan. For those who don't know, The Man is a Comic Genius.}

And this:

{The Mr. almost got this cookie cake today. Because I was mad at him. I still loved him, but only "that" much...}

And here's an old post that still makes me laugh:

Got something Funny to share? I'd love to hear about it!

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Anonymous said...

Love this post and love the title of your blog! My something funny to share is when my 3 yr old poured an entire bottle of syrup on my couch and then ran around the living room trying to get away from me when I wanted to clean him up! Funny now - not so funny then!

Rachy said...

Love the resolution. I'm gonna share my favorite commercial that makes me laugh every time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzvcQmkhznw&feature=feedf Enjoy!

Rachy said...

Hey, I just had to comment again after I saw the picture of the San Diego temple on your side bar! Its so fun to find another LDS blogger!

Kurt+Amy said...

Those two videos were hilarious! The comedian was so funny, sad that all of that is pretty accurate. Thanks for the laugh.

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