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Sometimes hard things happen.
But sometimes it ends up being alright.
When it comes to our children, we would do anything just to make sure they are healthy, happy and still here on earth.
Even though we have no control over the last one.
I've been blessed to have my two children with me, a blessing that I hope I get to enjoy for the rest of my life.
To those who have suffered a loss of a sweet child, my heart aches for you. I cry when I read your stories, even though I've never met you.
I can't even imagine.
Even though I have gone through a miscarriage, I still can't fathom losing the two I tuck into bed, read to, and sing a bedtime song to every night.
I think my world would stop.

Read Camryn's post on her feelings {and pregnancy scare} about those who have gone through a world stopping experience.

May you and your loved ones get to experience a long and happy life!

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Amber Lynae said...

Beautiful Photo. I too could not fathom how I would keep on living if I lost my little princess. It brings me to tears just thinking about it.

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