{ i'm just gonna do it : resolution #2 }

My husband works graveyard shifts. Which means when I get up, he goes to bed. Well, kinda. There's about 4 hours in between. Four hours that I feel is completely unnecessary to have a made bed. Completely unnecessary...

Or is it?

Will I feel better? Will it help me have a better day? Even though the Mr. is sleeping there? Perhaps it will agitate me more, knowing that he's messing up all my hard work?

But I'm willing to test it out. I will ignore the studies that say to not make my bed because bed bugs cannot survive in the dry conditions that is an unmade bed. {Hopefully because I don't wet the bed, we'll be safe...} ;) All I know is that I love climbing into a perfectly made bed that smells like fabric softener.

and in my dreams...

Which is another resolution I should add: washing my sheets more than once a month. Gross, I know. I just get busy and forget...

Is making the bed every morning {and washing sheets more than once a month} on your New Year's Resolutions List??

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Jillian said...

It wasn't but now I feel like it is something I want to start making a priority. :)

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