{ mommy carnival }

This morning I woke up to sweet children helping each other make breakfast. A bowl of cereal with a healthy dose of Strawberry Milk on the side.
It was so sweet how they were trying to be quiet as not to wake me, and their whispers were full of let me help you's and want me to do that for you's. There were even a bunch of please and thank you's.

Proud mommy moment for sure.

And then ten minutes go by. (Ah. You know where I'm going with this)

I'm upstairs pulling out my contact solution to begin the process of inserting pieces of plastic into my nearly blind eyes, when I hear my daughter crying. Not the fake "He touched me" cry, but real tears. As I hurry to see what the issue is, I find a little girl with a slightly bloody lip.

I think I get a couple gold stars for not flying off the handle. I interrogated the boy to find out what happened. The story went down like this:

"She tried to destroy my lego robot I made. She was bothering me."

"Did you hit her?" (Completely obvious, but I was giving him the chance to tell the truth)

"Yes. She made me so mad."

Both went to time-out. Why both? Because she does that to him ALL the time. She is the biggest stinker/tease, and lately she's been getting worse. (Pray for me?)

I feel like my life as a Mommy is one big carnival. Except for the fact that I wanted to ride the Tunnel of Love and not the Roller Coaster of Emotional Drama. What happened after time-out? Oh, they were hugging and laughing again. See what I mean? Roller. Coaster.

*don't mock the awesome visual aid - you know you love it*

What Mommy Carnival Ride are you on? Ferris Wheel? Carousel? Bumper Cars? I think the trick is learning to laugh on these rides. Some scream. I don't want to be a screamer (even though it may APPEAR that my handy illustration depicts me as such). I want to be a 'Whoo-hoo!' -er.

And I for sure don't want to be a vomiter.

Here's hoping for more whoo-hoo-ing! --xoxo

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Rachy said...

Great post, even better visual aids!!

Em said...

When I had my first son I was called to be on the Stake Relief Society Committee 1 week later, no joke (and I had a c-section!). I repeatedly missed meetings and always had some excuse related to being a mom blah blah blah. One night when I was calling the woman in charge to let her know, yet again, I would not be making it to the meeting she said to me: "It's ok, life is a circus with a bunch of different rings and you're in the "new mom" ring of the circus right now. I totally get it." Not only was I relieved, but I also had a new metaphor for where I was at in my life! Why did I just write all that? Because you're Mommy Carnival reminds me a lot of my Mommy Circus. And I don't want to be a vomiter either :)

Emily Joyce said...

I LOVE the visual aids :) And yes, you do get gold stars for not flying off the handle!

iamwoman said...

your graphic art is always so darling.

Last night my kids were fighting in the back seat and I felt like I was the only mother in the world that has kids like that. Nice to know I am not alone!

kayli sue said...

My carnival ride right now would be the tilt a whirl. The one where the car spins in a circle while on a belt that spins on a bigger circle. Why? Because life is crazy, I'm pregnant and nauseous

Love the post!!! I will pray for you!

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