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I want you to meet a friend of mine. Her name is Jodie Masiwchuk, and she is an amazing person. She is also a wife, mother and a cartoon artist. She is the mastermind behind the comic strip Suburban Sarah.

I love the humor she brings to her comics, a humor that most women and mommies can relate too. It's so nice to read her stuff and realize that our trials and joys, our ups and downs are very similar.

She writes, "I find that there are many other mothers like my main character Sarah--college educated, smart, funny, and looking for a certain amount of support and camaraderie when it comes to raising a child, being a woman and getting older. My hope is that Suburban Sarah, in it's own small way, will bring that support to it's audience."

Jodie draws her cartoons to support us as women and mothers, and now it's our turn to support her back. :) She is entering a contest in which the winner will receive a development contract the Creators Syndicate. If Jodie is able to get this, she can get her foot in the door in providing even more people with her work, and doing what she loves.

And she needs our votes.

Here's what you can do to help her out:

1 :: You have to create an account- don't let this scare you- it's to prevent ballot stuffing and make it completely fair for the contestants. It is not an email list and your email will not be sold. You can quickly create your account by clicking here.

2 :: Go to their home page, thecartooniststudio.com.

3 :: Click on voting is now open.

4 :: Look for Suburban Sarah (or go here), then click 'like' underneath that.

See? Simple! (You may repeat up to 4 times a day, every 6 hours.)

I love to see good people get rewarded for helping others. Jodie has been drawing Suburban Sarah for the public for free, and I think she deserves to win for trying bringing a little sunshine and laughter into mom's lives. (Which is very much needed) ;)

I've written about her work before, so this is not a plug to get paid. I did not receive anything for this post. I'm just trying to help out a friend by spreading the word. :)

So let me thank you in advance- and I'm sure Jodie will send you gobs of virtual hugs too! Good luck Jodie!! --xoxo

*all illustrations from Suburban Sarah . com and used with permission*

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BrittanyLane said...

Just voted. She is hilarious! I hope she wins. It was tough to find her. She was on page 32 when I signed up.

GrumpyGratefulMom said...

I just voted too! I can definitely relate. She is so funny! Janae

Kurt+Amy said...

LOVE her stuff, so funny and extremely relatable. I signed up and cast my vote and I'll be back for more voting! Good Luck girl!

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