{ my love for scentsy : the celtic love knot }

Dearest BFF's {yes, I consider us BFF's},
Are you familiar with a fantastic company called Scentsy??  Please tell me you are aware they exist, because they are seriously The. Bomb. That's right. I just said The. Bomb. If you are unaware of their marvelous products, then let me give you a little rundown:

Scentsy was so unbelievably kind to send me this Celtic Love Knot warmer to try out and review.  Hello.  LOVE. Isn't it gorgeous?  And perfect for some St. Patty's Day decor. ;)  And the scentsy bars are amazing.  I was sent the Sunkissed Citrus and Lilacs & Violets.

Um, my house smells like heaven.  At least I hope it's what heaven smells like.

The Scentsy warmer and bars are seriously a great alternative to open flames, especially with small children.  The warming dish does get pretty warm, and I keep it out of the reach of my kids, but I can stick it in places I would have an issue placing a good smelling candle.  And did you know they have tiny wall plug-in warmers?  Good grief, it's awesome...

I'm telling ya, if you're one of the lucky ladies to have a hubby that sometimes 'forgets' to take out the trash, or if your home lies downwind from the cow farm a few miles away which on certain days is unnaturally pungent, then you may want to consider on of these puppies.  Seriously saved my nose on more than one occasion.  

Do you own a Scentsy warmer?  What is/are your favorite scents?  I'm dying to know- I need smelly referrals... ;) 

Stay tuned as I am planning on sending one lucky reader one of my favorite Scentsy Bars. But for now:


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Chris and Brigette DeGrey said...

I love my scentsy. In fact, I saw the title of this post and had to go turn mine on. My fave scent is skinny dippin. So so good. I also smelled a guava one last summer and have been dying to have it ever since.

Valerie said...

I have a kinda older Scentsy warmer. Yours is so pretty! I like Winter Wonderland year round and Clove & Cinnamon (or something like that).

Jen said...

I just got one of these from my parents and right now I am melting the lavender (heavenly!) they also bought me the sugar cookie. I can't wait to try new and different scents. Now I *must* try the orange!

Lilly J said...

Your blog is SO beautiful :) Come and do a guest post on ilovethewaysheblogs for us! I would love to hear about how you designed your blog. The big pictures in your posts are great. Thanks for including your link in your comment, I always love to come see what others are doing with their blogs :)

Lilly J

Emily Joyce said...

I have heard of Scentsy! Everyone I know who has one loves it. How did you get one to review? I want one! LOL!

Rambling Heather said...

Ooooh fun! Never heard of Scentsy but now I am off to explore a bit more!

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