{ celebrate the beautiful }

Today I wanted to focus on beauty.  And not the type of beauty that Hollywood has drilled into our brains, but beautiful, God-given, natural beauty.  I decided to take my camera with me {a.k.a. cell phone} and capture the special, little things throughout the day that made my heart sparkle.

Today I wanted to focus on the positive.
Today I wanted to focus on my blessings.
Today I wanted to focus on celebrating the beautiful

Because I was feeling very NOT.

Do you have a 'NOT' voice in your head?  I sure do.  It tells me what I am not, who I am not, and what I have not.  And I hate it.  That little voice has been growing very obnoxious lately, so today I decided to try and drown it out: by searching for the positive and ignoring that little voice whenever it would decide to try and pop up.  And believe me, it tried.  And is still trying.  But hopefully as I practice celebrating the positive, my blessings and the beauty all around me, it's voice will become less and less, 'till it's just a tiny whisper.


01:: Sweet children that let me sleep in this morning
02:: Being able to feel better about cereal for breakfast because bananas exist
03:: Long, warm, interruption-free showers
04:: Early morning sand castle building {thank you high of 82°}
05:: My daughter's free daily smiles.  No expiration. No quantity limits.
06:: Snuggles and Stories
07:: Eternal Love
08:: Being able to see the beauty around me
09:: Dear friends {a.k.a. angels} who have been so generous to me throughout my life
10:: A working radio and a daughter who asks me to turn it down so she can hear *me* singing
11:: Witnessing a young boy being able to sight read a song perfectly for the first time in his life
12:: My favorite fruits on killer sale: grapefruit, Fuji apples and strawberries

There were so many other things that made me smile today, but I didn't want this post to be a novel.  Someday I will show you the pinecone bird feeder my son made in scouts and the beautiful finches that dine from it, or the tall trees that grace our front sidewalk, or the homework that my son did without complaining so he could put a sticker on the magical sticker chart.  It truly was a beautifully blessed day. --xoxo

How do you Celebrate The Beautiful in your life?

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Jennica said...

This is beautiful. And it is incredibly timely. You ARE beautiful and I love you. Thank you for this.

Em said...

What a great post! This morning I woke up and my goal was to learn something about taking better pictures for my blog and then I read your post and saw your beautiful pictures (taken with a phone! yes!!)and I felt even more motivated!

Jamie said...

I love this!! The Not voice has been loud in my head lately and I decided to try and kick it to the curb. Thanks so much for sharing!!

iamwoman said...

It really IS the simple things and I love how you captured your day;)

Rambling Heather said...

This truly is beautiful, the words, the images!

Emily Joyce said...

This was such a beautiful post! I keep a list of "good things" in a journal, and I've lately started taking pictures of some of them. It helps keep that "not" voice quiet :D

Adriana Iris said...

so lovely this post..

kimber said...

Thanks so much for linking up! I love the name you have given that meany-head voice! I'm trying to learn to be a happy momma too!

virginiamae said...

It is hard to see sometimes that the "mundane" tasks can be the most beautiful. Thanking God for each breath!

virginiamae said...

It is hard to see sometimes that the "mundane" tasks can be the most beautiful. Thanking God for each breath!

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