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When I first began blogging, I wanted to have a snazzy looking blog.  I wanted it to look cool like the other blogs out there.  But I had no idea how to get from point A to point B.

And it took quite a while to get there.  I look back at some of my blog layouts and cringe wondering what I was thinking!  I laugh because I was so proud of it at the time.  It was something I created all by myself.  Back then I thought I was a bloggy creating genius.

{FYI : The more you learn, the more you realize you don't know.}

I'm still learning, and I'm loving every minute.

{Except for the times I'm crying getting teary-eyed (because it just isn't working how I want it to) and my hubby is staring at me wondering what the heck is wrong with me.}

Lilly, from i love the way she blogs, contacted me a little while ago asking if I would guest post on her blog.  The crazy thing is, she was one of the blogs I frequently searched/stalked when it came to learning  how to create a blog I was proud of.  So you can imagine my excitement!  I quickly replied yes, and you can read my guest post here.  I wrote about how I started, my back-pocket magic card named Google, and the evolution of my blog.  A few pointers here and there.  Check it out, and also the rest of her blog.  She has wonderful, easy to follow tips and tutorials that will be a lifesaver for you if you are determined to design your own blog.  She's definitely one to have in your Google Reader. ;)  --xoxo

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Carrie said...

LOVE it.

Emily Joyce said...

I know exactly what you mean with the whole crying because it isn't working right and your husband thinking your crazy thing!

I LOVE the look of your blog. You could go into the blog design business if you wanted to. Seriously.

Going to check out your guest post now!

Rambling Heather said...

I feel that I still have so much to learn about this blogging thing. I love the look of your site and could sit down and take notes while picking your brain. Love your blog!

Suz Wheatley said...

I am new to blogging. Thanks for the tips and I love the look of your blog!

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