{ mother's day recap }

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  And Mother's Day Eve.

I firmly believe that on Mother's Days and Birthdays, one should be able to take the entire week {or at the very least, the entire weekend} to celebrate these holidays. 

Mr. Smith was so cute.  Even though he had already given me some flowers on Mother's Day Eve, he couldn't wait until Sunday for me to open my presents.  It KILLED him when I made him wait until that evening.  I love that man...

He took the kids out so I could have 'My Time' on Saturday.  That right there would have made this Mother's Day the best ever.  Don't ask why I spent it doing dishes and cleaning, but I did.  Love my family, but their idea of clean, and my idea of clean are completely different.  

Sunday was spent going to church in the morning {which was fabulous- the speakers where amazing}, finding out my daughter thinks I am either 16 or 36 {I pick 16} with really black hair {I'm going to set up an appointment with the optometrist}, then coming home and starting Mother's Day Lunch. 

With strawberries dipped in cream cheese {fondue style} as dessert, how could one go wrong??

And then I had the privilege of reading my son's booklet he made in school.  Here's a list of things he thinks about me:

:: my mom is a woman tall.
:: she probably weighs about me pounds. {I'm flattered he thinks I weigh as much as he does.  He earned extra computer time for this answer.}
:: my mom works at stof {aka: stuff, which is remarkably accurate.}
:: I think this is how much money my mom earns every day, $10.  {I suspect he was referring to how much a charge a piano lesson. Yeah, let's go with that one.}
:: for fun my mom likes to play a game.
:: the job at home that my mom hates doing the most is working. {again, this is remarkably accurate.}
:: the job she likes the best is working. {wait a minute...}
:: if my mom had a million dollars, she would buy a new backpack. {umm... who are we talking about?}
:: the best present I could give my mom would be a braslite. {aka: bracelet. And I would love anything he gives me.}
:: her favorite sport is swening {aka: sewing.  Did you not know sewing is a sport? Are you not familiar with the Olympic relay sewing race?? The competition is crazy-- looking for a few sponsors.}
:: her favorite color is green. {true story}
:: favorite pet is a puppy. {well, it's a close second.  I'll still give him the point.}
:: favorite food is pizza. {did this turn into a father's day booklet all of a sudden?}
:: favorite animal is a bollfin. {aka: dolphin. Darn those lowercase 'b's and 'd's.  And that sneaky 'ph' combo.}
:: favorite TV show is chanll 23. {now even though channel is spelled phonetically, this answer made me laugh so hard.  Because it's true.  Channel 23 is the Discovery Channel, which I am now publicly admitting, is one of my favorites.  I have a slight obsession with Mythbusters,  Man Woman Wild, Dirty Jobs, etc.}
:: favorite book to read to me is binotruck. {curse you, lowercase 'b's and 'd's!!}
:: favorite game to play with me is huggere hippose. {aka: hungry hippos and he cheats.}
:: favorite thing to do for fun is sports. {aka: sitting on my rear eating cinnamon bears.}

All-in-all, I'm pretty impressed with what my son came up with.  And his cute illustrations that accompanied {please note the amazing accuracy of the thinness of my thighs *wink*}:

Hope all you moms had a fantastic Mother's Day! --xoxo

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Jennica said...

This is incredible precious. I laughed, I cried, and I love you all the more! You are such a great mom! Keep up the good work, and keep eating those cinnamon bears!

Camryn said...

Okay--I laughed so hard when I got to the "bracelet."

When I saw "Braslite" spelled out, I was thinking "bra"--that your favorite thing was a bra (which IS pretty important, I must say) but I was thinking, "Is that a new Victoria Secret line?" Huh. :)

Could you imagine the commercial?

"Introducting the new Victoria Secret weapon--the Braslite! Supper "lite", airy, and padded with pure comfort to lift your ladies! Making motion and movement your new best friend."

Okay....I've chewed too many ice chips today.

SUPER cute. I may just copy the sentences here and see what MY kids come up with. I love psychology. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to hear the answers my kids come up with! :)

Carrie said...

SO adorable.
A few years ago Brianna came home with one of those and wrote what I do for a living. She wrote, "makes copies and yells at the machine." So true. ha!

Kids say the cutest things. So glad you had a lovely mother's day! you deserve it!

tekettle said...

Very cute. Enjoyed it and it brought back a lot of memories:)

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