{ jam-filled butter cookies }

Summer is the time for taking breaks.  As in, I seriously need a break from saying "Stop fighting, you two". If only I had a dollar for every time I said that- I think I could pay cash for a mansion.  

In order to keep the fighting down to a minimum 5 times a day, we have to keep busy.  And although I hate heating up my house, one of the things the kids love to do is to watch me make cookies.  I say watch because they end up fighting over who gets to put in what, who gets to turn on the mixer, who gets to grab the egg, etc.  So I let them sit on the bar stools and WATCH.  Then they both get a beater if they don't touch each other/invade each other's personal space bubble during the mixing process.  (I have a Bosch, which has two beaters- bless them for designing it that way.)  

These are hands down our family's favorite cookies. I am constantly getting requests for them from the hubby and kids, and they are ridiculously fast and easy to make.  No lie.  

Here's the ridiculously easy recipe:

Sometimes I get lazy and don't separate the eggs, and then add a touch more flour.  And I use a mini ice-cream scooper instead of rolling the dough into balls when the cookies are just for us and will not be seen by outsiders.  ;-]  But seriously, these are delicious and are gone in a heartbeat.  Also, do NOT over-cook them. They will still look dough-y, but if you touch the tops and they are hard, they're done.  If you want to get super fancy, sprinkle powdered sugar on top after they have cooled.

Hope you all are trying to survive in the Summer Heat! --xoxo

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