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Oh, dear readers, has it been that long since I've last blogged?

I guess it has...

Why have I abandoned Mean Mommy Academy these past couple months?  Let's blame it on life, pregnancy and THE BRAIN.

I've lost it.

My mind, that is.  I can't think like a normal human being anymore.  And the sad thing is, I am fully aware that I have lost my mind.  It would be different if I was blissfully unaware that I forget things, but I am painfully reminded daily.  DAILY people.

:: snacks that belong in my son's backpack are still on the counter AFTER I have dropped him off at school.

:: forgetting to tell Mr. Smith that said son needs to be picked up from the park and NOT the church after scouts is over, thus resulting in a panicked father who is about to call the authorities, but happened to call me first.  True Story.

:: forgetting the names of my own children.  They now answer to "You".

:: making biscuits for dinner and as I am adding the last ingredient, realize I was reading/making the wrong recipe. Who does that?!

:: forgetting to put on my Awesome Pants in the morning.  Thus resulting in less-awesome days.

:: leaving the box of crafts to display at church in the truck.  For all of church.

:: forgetting what things are called like protractor, tape measure, Bruce Willis...

:: don't even THINK about asking me what day it is.  Actually you can right this second because it says on my computer.

:: I won't be surprised if one time I forget that the date and time is displayed on my computer.

:: I've always struggled with doing math without a calculator.  I don't struggle anymore.  I've completely hit a brick wall.  And have forgotten where I keep the calculator.

:: I have managed to forget entire conversations.

:: and birthdays.

:: and names.  {seriously, who forgets Bruce Willis??} ;)

...and the list goes on.

What crazy things has motherhood made you forget?

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Kayli said...

If its any consolation, your come back post was well worth the wait! I'm still laughing. Pregnancy and motherhood should come with warning labels like, "warning: becoming a mother will result in loss of brain function!"

Anita said...

I'm almost eight months pregnant right now and I feel like I was just reading my life story!!! Especially the names one. I was trying to get the attention of my oldest son yesterday and went through the other two chidlren's names (including my very-girl daughter's name), and nearly the cat's name, before I finally came up with the right one. He's the oldest. Out of all of them, shouldn't his name be the one I remember the most? And I'm famous around here for walking ACROSS a room (not even into a different room) and forgetting what I went to that spot to get. That's a daily occurrence. Often happening multiple times a day. It drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

wait, what was the question again? ;)

yep, that's what 4 pregnancies has done to this brain :)

Except... I could never forget Bruce Willis. Shame on you.

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