{ let them eat cake }

In light of yesterday being St. Patty's, I decided that our dinner should be green.  Not the healthy leafy greens green, but the green eggs and green pancakes kinda green.  {Calories don't count on birthdays and holidays. FYI.} ;)  The thought of making our bacon green crossed my mind, but I quickly decided it would be a little too much.  You know, psychologically.  But my favorite part of the meal last night was the dessert.  I found this recipe and HAD to try it.  Not only was it green, but it had Key Lime in the title.  Shut The Front Door.  So I tweaked it just ever so slightly to work with what I had {a.k.a. I was lazy} and decided to share my laziness version.

I feel that I should add a slight disclaimer.  The kids mentioned it wasn't their favorite, probably because it was really tart, but the adults LOVED it.  It is also SUPER rich, so don't go serving up normal cake slice portions. You can always go back for seconds...

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my tweaks on The Key Lime Cake:

It really is heavenly. I think this would be amazing as a sheet cake (using a 9x13" pan) or as cupcakes as well. For the original recipe and beautiful photos, head on over here. -xoxo


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