{ wallpapers for the smartphone }

I have digital wallpaper ocd.  I have to change it with the seasons, holidays or even the week.  From my computer backdrop, screensaver and iPhone.  And since I'm nursing a little man, I seem to find way more time to do those things that require sitting on one's hind quarters, i.e. explore Pinterest, play Draw Something and, naturally, make smartphone wallpapers.  ;)  Here are the first ones:

They aren't perfect, but it's a start.  Feel free to use them on your phone if you want -- just right click to save the images to your photo library, sync it with your phone and voila.  Or you can email them to yourself, then open your email on your phone and save it that way.  { Ps- I'm on the lookout for cute, short phrases to make more, so if you know of any, send them my way! :D }  

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  I have a bunch of cherry Coke Zero in my fridge, so you'll know it'll be a part-ay over here.

*insert crickets chirping*

Ok - that's a lie. The Coke is just so I can stop walking around like the living dead and actually do dishes or laundry or something else that normal people who get more than a few hours of sleep at night do.  But let's pretend that I have wild plans for the weekend, ones that don't involve me being a zombie, k?  OK.  --xoxo

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nancy john said...

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Kayli said...

So cute!! One day I will learn how to do stuff like this!

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