{ grateful }

Over the past month our little family has been the recipients of some amazing blessings.  All brought about by loving friends and family.  Meals of the most deliciousness have been dropped off, gifts have been delivered, treats have been dispersed, housework has been taken care of, etc.  It's amazing how these little acts of kindness have meant so much to me.  So I just felt the need to publicly thank my sweet friends and family for the meals, the amazing gifts {who gives someone a stroller and carseat?! So humbled and grateful}, a monthly supply of Cadbury Mini Eggs {a must-needed staple for my secret stash sharing with my kids and husband} ;) and for traveling out of state to come and take care of my kids. 

And dishes.  

I know it probably was nothing for these people.  Something simple that they didn't even think twice about.  Something so easy.  But let me tell you something: never think that any form of service, no matter how small it might seem, won't be appreciated.  It could mean the world to someone. 

It meant the world to me...

And here's someone else that means the world to me. 
 I can't believe my Little Man is already a month old! Does anyone know how to stop time?  My kids are growing WAY to fast!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! --xoxo

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