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This past week I've been working on a little some'n some'n.  Here's what my little mind has concocted:

Want to own a real bookmark? Tired of using a ripped in half Valpak Coupon to save your place in that current novel you're reading? I'm working with Steph from Somewhat Simple in creating a free printable every month For. The. World.  And this month there are 8 printable bookmarks {with instructions} available for download in my first ever post: 

Head on over. Print them off. Fold them up. Tell me what you think! --xoxo

*On a side note, I've decided to use my real name in the bloggersphere and ditch my 'blogging/pen' name, Jordan.  I began using it because I am paranoid about the safety of my kids, but I think they'll be just fine if I don't announce to the world my last name. :)

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Emily said...

Very cool! I love the Lord of the Rings quote!

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