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Oh the stories, the stories.  WOW.  You guys never fail to amaze me...
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Congrats Jill!
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Okay, that's good.

Here's what Jill wrote:
okay as the mom of 8 kids we come across gross every week. it's a given and i think i'm becoming immune to it by now. does anyone else have a mysterious ghost who wipes boogies on the wall? anyway, gross happened this week in the form of a bloody mutalated, yet still twitching lizard that the cat brought in and my 4 yr. old went balistic until i 'saved' the gasping blob! because of the hysterics of said 4 yr. old i whimpered as i picked the thing up and put it outside on a pile of rocks, then spent 15 min. washing my hands - those things stink like nothing you ever want to smell! for the first time in quite a while i was completely grossed out!

Contact me at jordanriverblossom@yahoo.com!
And you not ONLY win the hair bows, but you have also won EXCLUSIVE 
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Another victory dance?  Go ahead.

And to the rest- I wish I had some sort of bleach product that I could mail your way.  There was some super nasty business going on in the comments section, like
catching poop
scooping poop out of panties
touching older people's poop
using a spoon to help someone poop
touching boogers on an armrest
getting boogers smeared on your face
and catching vomit.
All Super Lovely.
Thank you for sharing.  I think.
Do you now realize why I use random.org?  There's no way in Haiti's that I could pick 
just ONE

And remember to keep entering!  If not for the prizes, than just to make us laugh by sharing your 
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