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Did you know that there's more to taking pictures than just 'rooty-tooty-aim-and-shooty'? I figured there was, but was clueless on how to improve my, ummm, 'technique'. Now you all know that I HEART Camryn. But do you see that pedestal I have her on? The white one? Right there? Well, watch as I press this button.... {insert crazy scratchy motor-like sounds here} Did you see it rise? Like a whole 2 feet?

Why did you raise that glamourous pedestal she was on, you ask?

Because of this:
And this:

And... oh, just check out her first post in a mini series she has entitled Photography 101.

I will be taking her words to heart, which means I will have more stunning cuteness and less "Okay, stand there and let me take a standard blah picture without realizing the tail gate is coming out of the side of your head"-ness:

I am sooooo stoked.....

*ps- I still think the pic of my daughter is super cute/precious/sweet, but just think of how much better it would have been if I had taken the background and Powerade bottles into consideration....

** AND I would like to draw your attention to the C with a circle around it on Cam's pictures. Mmm-hmmm, that means copyrighted people! No touchy! My pic? As long as you're not a psycho scary stalker person, all I ask is that you link it back to mean mommy academy.

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tammy said...

Thanks for the link. I know I need help with my pics!

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