{ you fold sheets like a girl }

I was bending over the dishwasher, placing my El-cheap-o detergent in it's rightful compartment, when I heard a faint knock on the door. I went downstairs {yes, my kitchen is located on the second level- I am 110% certain the architect of this place was a man}, and answered the door. Two of my friends were standing there with a plate of cookies.

Is that NOT your favorite thing in the world? Two fabulous people who are a JOY to visit with, bring you tasty morsels of sugar and chocolate, still warm from their brief rendezvous with a hot oven?

As we visited for a moment, they asked what I was up to, and I told them laundry and dishes.

Laundry. And. Dishes.

It Never Ends. And we joked about that. I mentioned it was boring. No spice. No pizazz. BORING . {I bought new dishes once to liven up my dish washing experience. It worked for, oh, a day. That was a let-down.} And then I went onto the topic of doing laundry and mentioned sheets. Do you not loathe folding fitted sheets????? I can handle top sheets, but fitted sheets...

I use the Roll and Stuff technique. You know. . . grab a side and roll your arms like you're doing the actions for The Wheels On The Bus? Till it becomes a nice wad? Then stuff it into your closet? THAT Roll and Stuff?

As my dear friends laughed, one of them said: I was talking to someone else JUST the other day and they do the exact same thing! Who was it? Oh! It was so-and-so's husband!

I had a hard time containing my laughter, so I didn't. I laughed and laughed.

Here it is World: I fold sheets like a M A N ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This, to me, is funny. But I ask you: does anyone else fold sheets like a man? Do you get tired, after years of doing laundry over and over again, of folding those blasted sheets? Does anyone else just Roll and Stuff? And then smooth out the part that's visible on the shelf, creating the illusion of properly folded sheets?

If this is too true, then I have a small tutorial for you. {No, I had not intended to create a rhyme, it just worked out that way :) }

How to fold sheets like a girl {awfully helpful original photos from here}:

1. Place warm, freshly laundered, Downy scented sheet on your bed. 2. Fold the sheet in half and fit the corners into each other. 3. Fold the sheet in half again, and fit the corners together creating a square, making sure you have straight edges. 4. Dividing the sheet into thirds, fold one third towards the center. 5. Now the other side over that. 6. Magic of folded thirds again. 7. Now the last third. 8. Here's where she gets clever. Fold your top sheet and one of the pillow cases the same size. 9. Then use the other pillow case to house them.

Voila! Now you have a lovely set. And you won't fall victim to being accused of the using Roll and Stuff technique {a.k.a. folding like a man} again!

Speaking of Men and Laundry . . .

Oh, just thought I'd throw that in for your enjoyment. It's from this book:

Go buy it.

Cuz it's full of stuff like this:

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about . . . ;)

P.S. Are you wondering what happened to the Holy Trinity of butter, sugar and chocolate chips?

Shoulder Angels do exist. I was S O O O O O O O O O O unbelievably tempted to eat all of the four cookies that were nestled all cozy-like on that small plate of Styrofoam. But then I looked into these eyes:

And I just H A D to share . . .

B U T . . .

I did consume two of those four cookies . . .

{What Mr. Smith doesn't know won't hurt him, right?}

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One Cluttered Brain said...

What GORGEOUS men!!!!! If only ALL men did this...and looked like that taking out the garbage...No shirt, six pack...I think I am drooling on the keyboard....AHHH!!! Lovely. Thanks for this blog post. Very funny! I love the way you type in different colors and fonts and stuff...It's got such an expression... I can almost hear you speak (even though I have never met you) I haven't figured out how to change font yet...But I am new, only been blogging sinde Jan 2009...:))

Kristin said...

I am the absolute worst at doing laundry! Well, I'm pretty lousy at all things domestic. Ah ha.

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