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When it comes to advice, there is a saying: You get what you paid for. Which usually means free advice is worth just that. NOTHING.
If I just burst your savvy-deal-finding-penny-pinching bubble, dashing your hopes and dreams of saving money while receiving valuable info at the same time, here's a tissue:

And some amazing news:

Camryn is offering valuable and priceless info for free!!!

It's a part of her photography 101 mini-series. I am flaming excited. Again. Still.

Go over and check it out. Her visual aids are fantastic- I grasp a concept so much better when it is put into pictoral format. {Not to be mistaken with pectoral format. Although I don't mind gazing on a fine male pectoral every now and then.} Today is part 2 and it's all about cropping and flashing. Oh, now I got your attention . . .

Happy Monday!

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