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Did you get a chance to read Camryn's post yesterday? You MUST read it. It will have you rolling on the floor. Her husband rocks. She reminisces about the good old days where shopping with the soon-to-be-in-laws, bra sizes and bed sheets all lead to some rather embarrassing moments. I still chuckle when I think about it.

**Isn't it funny how we have trained our minds to think that embarrassing moments should not be kept a secret because they make Amazingly Golden Blogging Material??? It's a sickness, really.**


I apologize for not posting yesterday, as I was taking a lovely break for my burfday. Yes, I did work out, but no, I did not clean. Which means that my kitchen stinks now, but hey- we are entitled to at least one day off a year, right?

And I also wanted to mention that gift cards rock. Thanks to the magic of gift cards, we enjoyed a night out on the town that would've cost us almost $200, for FREE.


Happy Birthday to my checkbook.

I also wanted to share with all y'all in the happiness that IS birthdays! AND gift cards!


Who would like a Cold Stone Gift Card?

That's right! I have a $10 gift card to send to some lucky gal so she can celebrate my birthday too! ;)

Here's what you gotta do- leave a comment. That's it. Okay, maybe tell me what your Favorite Creation is. I'm always curious to learn new 'recipes'!

You have until the 20th {Sunday} at midnight. I'll pick a winner via random.org Monday morning!

Good luck!

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Garlick said...

We love cold stone! Try out their cake batter ice cream with brownies, almonds, and caramel. It's to die for!

Amber Lynae said...

Cold Stone is AWESOME. I love their sweet cream with oreos. I know I"m boring. I also like peanut butter perfection, but I wish they had actual peanuts as a mix in.

Valery said...

That is a lot of gift cards. How do you get so many? I need the tips.

I am like Amber Lynae I love the peanut butter cup perfection. Chocolate and peanut butter should get married because they are just dreamy together.

Michele P. said...

Happy Birthday to you! Mine is today... We have a Cold Stone here in our local Tim Horton's restaurant, and I love anything with peanut butter... at home we have tried peanut butter and jelly sundaes... lol. Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter ice cream topping, cut up bananas and strawberry topping...lotsa whipped cream, walnuts or peanuts, and a maraschino cherry on top for good measure.

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Kurt+Amy said...

Oh how I love coldstone! My favorite is white chocolate ice cream with almonds, caramel, and coconut! My mouth is watering thinking about it.

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