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Valentines Day is finally over. {We can all breathe a sigh of relief.} I've never been one for Valentines, but now that I have kids, it's getting to be super fun. Heart-shaped pink pancakes for breakfast, making sugar cookies and eating decorating them, making homemade cards for each other, homemade decorations, etc.

Then there's the dreaded
School Valentine's Class Party.

You know the one . . .

Sign and address 30-ish Valentine cards, with a little candy to add to the sugar high.

But what if your child calls you out of the blue and tells you that the class party was that day.

True story. It happened to Camryn- read about her Valentine Conundrum here!

{She forgot to mention that she started to sign her own name instead of her daughter's. Haha!!! And that is why I love her.}

Hope you all had a great President's Day!!



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