{ a little snippet of my life }

Dear diet:

You say that I can only eat half a grapefruit.
I'll ONLY eat half a grapefruit.

And this is awe.some:

And speaking of awesome!!!! My sweet cousin over at MMU, you know the one, kinda crazy, blonde, hilarious??? {And I say all of that with LOVE} She was thoughtful enough to bestow upon me this super awesome award:

Now I must list 7 Interesting Things about me. Good. Gosh. I don't think my life is that interesting, but how 'bout I list 7 Things About Me....

1 | I've had a gerbil and a horse named after me. I've decided that a complex about this would be unnecessary extra baggage, so I have just accepted it without thinking too much into it. ;-)

2 | I shave my toes. Now before you go all "ewwwww!!!" and "groooossssss!!!!" I must say that I'm not all neanderthal or anything. I just like really smooth toes. And yes, I have sliced a toe or two in my lifetime- that hurts like the dickens!

3 | I used to do dressage, hunter and jumping with horses. I've ridden in a few horse shows back in the day. I made Mr. Smith swear on his life that someday we will have horses. And I will put on my riding boots, helmet and tan stretchy pants {with a really long shirt to cover up the ghetto booty I am currently sporting} and jump them all over the countryside. No, I will not french braid my hair and place an 80's style poofy scarf clip at the bottom.

4 | I am scared to death of driving a manual. I can do it, I just am super lousy at it. And then I stress out, which makes me drive even worse. So I made Mr. Smith VOW that I would only have to drive an automatic. He can own all the manual cars he wants to.

5 | I make Mr. Smith promise me a lot of things.

6 | In the 8 years of marriage, we have owned 21 cars. This is due to the fact that my hubby is obsessed with cars. It's his hobby. My little grease monkey. I am perfectly happy with my Frontier, but he has Massive Plans in the making for his little Honda Civic. Which, I am okay with him keeping because he gets over 50 mpg in that little piece of tinfoil.

7 | The summer of my senior year I had the opportunity to sing in a choir that toured Europe for 3 weeks. One of the most amazing times of my life. We were in each country for about 3 days, so I didn't get to fully soak in everything, but I wouldn't change it for the world! And since I'm tooting my own horn, singing my solo there in the middle of the Alps was one of the highlights of my high-school music career! {Although, the next summer I sang, played the piano and danced in a hotel bar- it was the only place that had a piano so we could practice our church songs.... that comes in an extremely close second... yes. I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus performed in front of a bunch of drunks. Sooo awesome. Did I mention that I got a few bucks in tips?}

Anyway- there's some things that you don't know about me! I won't hold a grudge if you decide right here and now to stop following. I would totally understand...

But here's hoping you stick around!

Now I'm off to drool over this guy:



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Anonymous said...
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Kurt+Amy said...

The snapshot of the grapefruit looks vaguely simialr to mine that I had this morning....lol! And the shave your toe thing...you're not alone girl. ;)

Texan in UAE said...

loving your blog! I just did this "random me" on my blog, yesterday.

Blogger said...

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