{ where some wild things are }

Once upon a time, there was a little band of friends who looked a little different than you and I:

They had fur and fangs and weird eyes.
I won't lie.

They banded together to protect little cheeks who were scared of the things that made loud night time squeaks. They decided that jammies where the best disguise when the Boogey Man came with his deep scary eyes. They would sleep in the beds of girls and boys, and then fight or bite the things that made noise. Guardians, Best Friends, Monsters, Whatevers: they don't mind the names, they'll be there forever to keep little ones safe from the Creepies that seek, and each one has a story that is very unique. There's ViNcEnt, FluFfy, NiPpeR and DaiSy, but StinKy's my favorite and I think I'll be hasty in taking him home to JD and Em, but he won't split two ways, so I'll order a friend.
They decided to call their little band of protectors Pajama Monsters {from the Florida sector}. And they have decided to help you out too, if you would just checkout with this sweet code: Mommy U. 15% off is what you will get, but they need a good home, so please don't forget. Head on over and fall in love with the Cute Little Monsters I mentioned above!

{ridiculously cute. end of story.}

And before I forget, I would like to send a HUGE thank-you to Megan, co-creator of Pajama Monsters, for being so generous to mma's readers! Seriously peeps- check out the individual stories, the cute photos and use the code Mommy U. You can even follow them on Facebook or their blog! Let's show them some love! If you have any questions, feel free to email Megan {link on her website}- she is so easy to work with and uber nice...

Happy Monster Hunting!



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Megan Champion said...

How awesome is your poem Jordan! I heart it to pieces!!!

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