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Are you a vegetarian?  Have you ever had solicitors? Why in the world am I asking these questions, and what do they have in common?

I personally love a good orange chicken dish from Panda Express.  But if I knew that being a vegetarian would save me from solicitors, then I may flirt with the idea....

Check out Camryn's post about how her food choices saved her from a very blunt salesman, and the other crazy stunts people have tried at her front door.  I think you'll be nodding your head in agreement on some of them.  What's the craziest thing a salesman has said, done or offered on your front steps?

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Emily Joyce said...

One told me I looked "youngish," which I think was a compliment. He assumed the girls I was babysitting were my daughters, and since I was from Iowa, I went to the University of Iowa and was a Hawkeye fan, when actually I went to Iowa State, their rival school. He didn't want to go away either, after I'd said no very nicely!

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