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As The Holiday Season sneaks upon us, I find that my free time is becoming extinct. So I decided that this week I would revisit an old post. Hope it brings a smile to your day!


Imagine, if you will, a small classroom inside a church building. Right across from that classroom are these two signs:
My daughter, who is 3, needed to use the restroom during a lesson one Sunday, in the room across from the a fore-mentioned signs. Her teacher, who is a good friend of mine, was teaching a class of approx. 5 children all under the age of 4.

One cannot simply abandon 4 other small children for the immediate needs of one.

My friend, decided that she would get the other kids occupied and then take my daughter to the restroom.

She was unable to put this plan into effect.

She turned around only to find my daughter had already exited the room.


I cannot imagine the immediate panic that would strike a teacher, as the thought of a three year old escapee was running around the church building doing who knows what who knows where, with the cry of freedom racing through their wee little noggin.

She checked the ladies room.


There was another room. A room that no woman has seen, where signs like no girls allowed are hung on the front door, and girls stink, or girls have cooties are etched into bathroom stalls.

Okay, I'm making that up. I don't really know if that's true - I've never seen the inside of a male sanctuary before.

As fate would have it, my friend's husband happened to walk by.

"Go see if Em is in there."
"In where?"

So her husband enters the place were estrogen is banned, and words like "Where's your underwear?", and "Is this your underwear?" {which I might note, I don't think that princess underwear would belong to any one else in there who was currently using the facilities}, and "Put them on", and "Put your dress down", and "No, put your dress down," could be heard in the hallway.

As he guided her out the door and into the correct restroom, my friend noticed he was stifling laughter. Upon asking why he was laughing, he said "She was straddling the urinal like a mini toilet."

I don't know how she managed to get up there, but apparently she thought the 'toilet' was just her size.

At least she didn't try eating the 'mints' that usually accompany urinals.

Not that I would know what they are . . .


And you know what, the pull-my-hair-out moments haven't ended there.
Good thing I love her...

hope everyone has a {mostly} perfect weekend!


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